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Embark on a journey of underwater discovery with Snorkel Spots, where our team of passionate experts share their insights into Australia’s best snorkelling destinations.

Do you love to snorkel? Snorkel Spots welcomes contributions from likeminded snorkel enthusiasts. We are building a community based, go-to snorkelling guide that celebrates the diversity and wonder of the underwater world.

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Steve Klein

Steve has over 30 years of snorkelling and diving experience. His underwater explorations extend from the Great Barrier Reef’s coral gardens to the hidden treasures of Australia’s lesser-known coastal gems.

With a background in biology, ecology and education, Steve explores the underwater world with a sense of curiosity, and a passion for sharing its beauty and diversity.

An experienced freelance travel writer, Steve’s virtual guidance will inspire both seasoned adventurers and snorkelling newcomers to venture into watery worlds full of surprises.

Find Steve at Curious Campers and here at Snorkel Spots.

Natalie Klein

Natalie is a Scuba Dive Master and passionate snorkeller with over 30 years of experience. More at home in the water than out of it, her aquatic adventures have taken her from vibrant coral reefs to the crystal clear freshwater sinkholes.

She is at her happiest uncovering hidden gems — a camouflaged octopus, leafy sea dragons… If there is something to be discovered, Natalie will find it and share it with you.

Join Natalie as she shares her passion for unlocking the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

Find Natalie at Curious Campers and here at Snorkel Spots.

Caitlin Grace

Caitlin is a professional underwater photographer, PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and Snorkel Guide. With a lens that captures the enchanting beauty of the underwater realm, she has worked extensively on both the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef.

Caitlin’s heart beats for marine conservation. Her commitment to responsible diving practices reflects her desire to preserve the fragile beauty of our oceans and share this message with others.

Join Caitlin as she translates her deep connection with the ocean into captivating visual stories and snorkelling guides.

Find Caitlin on her instagram page UnderwaterAlive.

Derek is a seasoned PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and Snorkel Guide with a passion for introducing beginners to the wonders of the underwater world.

His extensive experience includes working on two of the world’s most renowned reefs, the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, where he opens a window to the magical world beneath the waves.

With a keen eye for safety and a wealth of knowledge about marine life, Derek ensures that every snorkelling experience is not only enjoyable but also an education in the extraordinary beauty that lies beneath the surface.

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