New South Wales

From the sub-tropical reefs in northern New South Wales to the pristine waters in the south of the state, New South Wales offers snorkellers an array of captivating underwater environments and diverse marine life.

Northern New South Wales sites like Julien Rocks in Byron Bay, Cook Island off Tweed Heads, and Hat Head near South West Rocks are a few of many sites where you can snorkel with turtles, rays and a diverse range of fish.

Sydney’s bays and beaches also offer a wide variety of snorkelling experiences including Clovelly Beach, Cabbage Tree Bay at Manly and Ku Ring Gai National Park.

But for crystal clear water you can’t beat the New South Coast. Greenfield, Murrays and Blenheim Beaches in Jervis Bay and swimming with seals off Montague Island near Narooma are just the start for snorkellers here.

New South Wales blends accessibility, diverse marine ecosystems, and underwater beauty, creating a haven for snorkelling enthusiasts. Every location offers a new adventure.

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