Rare Orca Calf Sighted At Ningaloo Reef

Visitors to Ningaloo Reef this winter have an extra treat to look out for

In recent days an Orca calf has been seen by whale shark spotter planes and marine biologists.

It is an exciting development as Orca calf numbers on Ningaloo Reef have been on the decline over recent years, the reasons for this are an area of study for scientists.

With calf sightings on Ningaloo described as rare, scientists are pleased to see that they still have some breeding females visiting the reef.

Visitors can keep an eye out for the little orca while they are out on their whale shark and whale watching cruises this season. John Totterdell from the independent Cetacean Research Centre would be keen to hear about where and when the calf is sighted.

Source: ABC 10 May 2024

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