Snorkel For Citizen Science On Kangaroo Island

As part of the broader Passport to Recovery program, visitors to Kangaroo Island can snorkel on and monitor a new native oyster reef in Kingscote.

Located opposite the Ozone Hotel, the 12 3D printed concrete domes are hoped to re-establish a population of native oysters to the island.

In 1m – 3m of water, snorkellers are encouraged to record the marine life they see on the new artificial reef and upload their findings Reef Rewind app.

South Australia had lost most of its shellfish reefs due to overfishing, dredging and costal changes”

Dr. Ryan Baring – Flinders University ecologist

Passport to Recovery is a Flinders University program that aims to not only provide data for planning larger versions of the artificial reef, but to also make locals and visitors feel more connected to the natural environment.

Source: InDaily 9 May 2024

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