Green Island Jetty Snorkel

by Caitlin Grace


Green Island Jetty Snorkel

LOCATION Island off Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia

DEPTH 1-6 Meters

WATER TEMP 22-29 Degrees




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Green Island Jetty Snorkel

LOCATION Island off Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia

DEPTH 1-6 Meters

WATER TEMP 22-29 Degrees



Green Island

Green Island Jetty

Green Island is a small sand cay located off Cairns and boasts a fringing reef system connected to the Great Barrier Reef. Along with Fitzroy Island, this is a popular day trip from Cairns that offers not only fantastic snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef for all abilities, but you can also enjoy the facilities on the island and do some walks through the forest.

What Can I See?

What Can I See?

  • Turtles
  • Reef Sharks
  • Sting Rays
  • Tropical fish
  • Anenome Shrimp
Getting There

Getting There

Access to Green Island is by ferry/ tour operator or private boat. Green Island offers Ferry transfer service, with the earliest departing Cairns Marina at 8.30am and latest returning at 4:30pm. There is a half day option also.

Snorkel Entry

Where & How do you Get In?

Easy beach access next to Jetty.

Best Season

Best Season

The dry season goes from April to November and is generally considered the best time for snorkelling. During this period, the weather is warm, seas are calm, and the visibility is excellent. Marine stingers are also less of a concern.

During the wet season, you are more likely to get rain and the water visibility can be affected by run off from the mainland. It is also hot and humid when you are not in the water.

Current Australian Sea Temperature


Potential Hazards

There are boats coming and going from the Green Island Jetty so be mindful of water traffic. However operators are aware they border a snorkel zone and are very careful.

Stinger season is November-April so a stinger suit or full length wetsuit is a must at that time, and the rest of the year the water is cool so best to wear a wetsuit.

How Busy/Crowds

Green Island is often busy on land, but the snorkel sites have plenty of space and many people only get in for short periods so you are unlikely to bump into other groups. However ordering food on the island is likely to have a line so plan ahead.

Recommended Gear

There is no fee to snorkel the jetty, however you will need to hire gear if you don’t bring your own. The dive shop on the island hires mask, snorkel, fins, stinger suit, short 5mm wetsuits & a few long wetsuits. Gear is in functional but well loved condition. eg $24 a wetsuit day hire.


Parking is available at the Fleet Terminal at the Pier Shopping Centre for approximately $10-20. This is only a short walk to the Marina to meet the departing ferries.


Ferry to Green Island

Full and Half Day Ferry Trips to Green Island are available from Cairns. A transfer only will be around $100 pp but you can selection optional extras for snorkelling, glass bottom boat, guided snorkel tour, semi submarine tour and lunch.

The information for each snorkel spot is provided by people who have snorkelled there. However, snorkelling conditions change daily. Please be aware that wind, swell, tides and cloud cover can all affect visibility and your experience in the water.

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Tours to Green Island

Full and Half Day Tours are available. Inclusions depend on the tour booked but can include Glass Bottom Boat Cruises, Snorkelling Gear and other activities.

Best Conditions

Best time of day to snorkel is on an incoming or high tide, visibility will decline as the tide goes out. And almost always first thing in the morning is best as marine life leaves the area throughout the day.

Best time to visit is on a day with wind less than 15 knots ideally south easterly. Best visibility will be after a week of low wind, no rain and small tides.

Windy Map Instructions – Click on the wind icon in the top right to see other conditions such as swell, temperature, rain. To clear the four day forecast click and close the wind icon.

Facilities at Green Island






Picnic Tables


Rubbish Bins


Foot & Drinks


Life Guards




Gear Hire



Gift Shop

Gift Shop

About the Snorkel

I love snorkelling the jetty even as an advanced snorkeler, if you take your time there is marine life at every turn! Under the jetty live two huge Cowtail stingrays the length of a person, one near the steps and one at the end near the boats. Near the steps you will find a large school of bright yellow sweetlips and mullet, and 3-5 juvenile batfish!

Turtles can be seen here, often resting between the corals or gliding slowly over the reef, if you stay in the water for at least an hour I guarantee a turtle, I often see up to 20.

There are many shy octopus in the lagoon area, often perched up on top of a coral, and will hide as you approach so keep your eyes peeled. Duck dive and look under rocks for small stingrays, small harmless reef sharks also glide over the reef, but they are quick so keep your eyes peeled to spot them.

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