South Australia

Snorkelling in South Australia offers a distinctive aquatic realm, blending diverse marine habitats with unique underwater landscapes.

The along the metropolitan coastline you can snorkel on shipwrecks at Aldinga, see a diverse range of marine life on the accessible Noarlunga Reef and swim with Port Jackson Sharks in shallow water near Christies Beach.

Regional South Australia boasts some of the most unique snorkelling experiences in Australia. On Eyre Peninsula (from the safety of a cage!), swim with great white sharks. Encounter playful sea lions near Streaky Bay or snorkel with hundreds of giant Australian Cuttlefish near Whyalla.

The Limestone Coast’s Piccaninnie Ponds, Ewens Ponds and Kilsby Sinkhole offer surreal underwater visibility, showcasing submerged caves and fascinating geological formations.

South Australia’s snorkelling charm lies in its varied aquatic wonders, that promise immersive and unforgettable experiences.

Stony Point Cuttlefish

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Stansbury Jetty

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