Few animals capture our hearts like dolphins. Their intelligence, playfulness and willingness to engage with humans make them one of the most captivating marine creatures.

Dolphins can be encountered all around Australia. Snorkelling with them can be a bit more hit and miss but there are some great tours that can put you in prime dolphin swimming areas.

Read our Snorkel Spots and tour reviews to see where you can see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

If there is one marine animal that we want to be close to, its dolphins. Whether it is their toothy smile, intelligence or reputation for acts of kindness towards humans, dolphins hold a special place in our heart. It is no wonder swimming with them is such a sought after …
dolphin communication

Fun Facts about Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most loved creatures in the ocean. They are known for being playful and acrobatic, intelligent and social. But how much do you really know about dolphins? With nearly 50 species of dolphins swimming around the oceans and rivers, these fun facts will show you how …

Find the Best Spots to Swim with Dolphins