Fish & More

It is not just seeing big things like turtles and stingrays that makes snorkelling so much fun. One of the best parts of snorkelling is seeing the amazing variety of colours, shapes and patterns that exist in the underwater world.

From Christmas Island to the Great Barrier Reef, there is nothing better than slipping on your snorkelling gear, putting your face in the water and feeling like you are swimming in a giant tropical aquarium.

Whether you want the exhilaration of swimming with a huge school of fish or seeing the astonishing diversity of marine life, the snorkel spots here will give you some ideas for the best places to experience the wonder and colour of snorkelling with beautiful fish.

Reef Fish

How to Identify Fish you see Snorkelling

You have been for a snorkel and had a great time. But what was that small bright blue fish called? How about the long silver thing with a black tail? And there was that school of disc shaped yellow things. Thankfully, there are a range of apps, guidebooks, online resources …
Clown Fish

Fun Facts & Where to Swim with Clown Fish

The animated film “Finding Nemo” brought clownfish into popular culture. The character Nemo, a clownfish, and friend Dory embark on a journey through the ocean. The movie has made spotting a clown fish or ‘Nemo’ as high on a snorkellers wish list as swimming with a sea turtle. Here are …

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