Seals & Sea Lions

Swimming with seals and sea lions is a captivating marine experience. In a range of locations in the southern half of Australia these agile and sociable creatures can thrill snorkellers with their playful underwater acrobatics.

Whether you swim with them in Jurien Bay (WA), Baird Bay (SA) Port Phillip Bay (Vic) or Montague Island near Narooma (NSW), the experience is a blend of curiosity and delight

Read our Snorkel Spots and find out where you can have one of the most thrilling and unforgettable marine experiences you can have snorkelling.

Australian Sea Lion

Where can you Swim with Sea Lions & Seals?

If you want an interactive wildlife experience, go for a swim with seals or sea lions. Forget dolphins and whales, sea lions in particular, are super curious and up for a play even if you are a lumbering human with a snorkel in your mouth. I have swum with seals …
Australian Sea Lion

What’s the difference between Seals v Sea Lions?

Whether you are a snorkeller, like taking in coastal views or enjoy a wildlife cruise, you are a good chance to spot a seal. Or was it a sea lion? Sleek, dark and agile in the water, it can be hard to tell the difference so here are a few …

Find the Best Spots to Swim with Seals & Sea Lions