Swimming with sharks does not have to be a fearful encounter. There are over 500 shark species and a vast majority stay away from humans. From reef sharks to Port Jackson sharks and Wobbegongs, it is possible to have a shark encounter and appreciate their incredible diversity and grace in the water.

Seeing reef sharks on the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef are the perfect way to overcome your shark fears and appreciate these beautiful creatures. There are also several sites along the Northern NSW coast where you can encounter placid grey nurse sharks.

But if you do want an adrenaline rush, head to Port Lincoln in South Australia where, from the safety of a sturdy cage, you can get up close to one of the oceans most fierce predators – the Great White Shark.

**Always be shark aware and follow any local advice on shark sightings and safer snorkelling areas**

Leopard Shark

Fun Facts about Sharks

What do you know about sharks? There is a lot more to these feared apex predators than their reputation as ferocious hunters. With hundreds of different species, they come in a huge range sizes and shapes. While yes, there are some you don’t want to meet on a snorkel, others …
Grey Reef Shark

Where can you Safely Swim with Sharks in Australia?

Swimming with sharks is not everyone’s idea of fun – in fact the idea of encountering a shark is the very reason some people are afraid to go snorkelling. But if you don’t have this understandable fear and can appreciate that not all sharks are aggressive, there are several places …

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