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Get Involved

We are an independently owned community-based snorkel resource, sharing Snorkel Spot guides and tips to inspire and inform our readers …
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Snorkel Spots Experts

Our Snorkel Spots experts share their experience and passion so you get the most useful information for your next snorkel …
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Our Mission

Snorkel Spots is more than just a guide; we are a passionate community of everyday snorkel enthusiasts, united by our love for the oceans and a shared desire to explore and protect the underwater world.

We aim to inspire, inform and spread the joy of snorkelling, protecting our oceans, making a positive impact – one snorkel at a time.

Snorkel Spots is not just about expert opinions. We believe in the power of community, and we’re calling on snorkel enthusiasts like you to join us in building a comprehensive resource.

Our Guidelines

  • Be respectful. Snorkel Spots is a safe place where you can learn, inspire and share your love of snorkelling. To help grow this culture, please keep the tone of Snorkel Spot guides and comments positive, kind, and courteous.
  • Photos – We love sharing photos of a location, but they should focus on marine life and landscapes not people. Photos should be taken by you. No AI Photography will be published on Snorkel Spots.
  • Spam and self-promotion – please contact Snorkel Spots if you wish to promote your brand, product or service.
  • Fishing and spearfishing – One of Snorkel Spots’ core values is promoting marine conservation. Advice on fishing or spearfishing in Snorkel Spot guides, comments or reviews is not appropriate.
  • Authenticity – Our goal is to build a trusted community resource. If you submit a review or Snorkel Spot Guide you should have personally experienced the location. No AI generated Snorkel Spots will be accepted.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Respect the privacy of others and refrain from sharing personal information or confidential material without consent.