Swim With

There is nothing more thrilling than swimming with the some of the biggest, graceful and most playful marine creatures. It is a great way to feel a closer connection the underwater world.

From the serenity of a passing sea turtle, the grace of a manta ray, the awesome size of a whale shark or the curious and energetic antics of seals and sea lions, there is nothing more memorable than an up close encounter.

Read our guides for the best places to have ethical, close encounters with some of the most loved sea creatures in the world.

Ningaloo Reef Turtle


Snorkelling with turtles is a mesmerizing aquatic experience that offers a unique connection with nature. Encountering graceful sea turtles and …
Manta Ray

Manta Rays

Swimming with manta rays is an awe inspiring experience. Snorkel alongside these graceful giants in crystal-clear waters, as their enormous …
Bottlenosed Dolphins


Few animals capture our hearts like dolphins. Their intelligence, playfulness and willingness to engage with humans make them one of …
Sea Lion

Seals & Sea Lions

Swimming with seals and sea lions is a captivating marine experience. In a range of locations in the southern half …
Whale shark

Whale Sharks

Swimming with whale sharks is a surreal adventure and bucket list snorkel you can have on Ningaloo Reef in Western …
Humpback Whale & Calf


You are unlikely to bump into a whale on your average snorkel, but there are tours in Western Australia and …


As you snorkel near the sandy seabed, the graceful and seemingly weightless stingrays gracefully glide past, their sleek bodies moving …
Grey Reef Shark


Swimming with sharks does not have to be a fearful encounter. There are over 500 shark species and a vast …
Clown Fish

Fish & More

It is not just seeing big things like turtles and stingrays that makes snorkelling so much fun. One of the …