Snorkel Tips

Tropical fish, turtles, starfish, colourful corals and sponges – there is so much to see underwater but how do you start snorkelling?

Whether you have never snorkelled before, you have concerns about snorkelling safely, or you want to get your children into snorkelling, our Snorkel Tips are here to help.

Get advice from our underwater experts on everything from choosing the right gear, staying safe, and even how to get into underwater photography.

With years of swimming, snorkelling and diving experience between them, our qualified Snorkel Spot writers provide clear and helpful answers to all of your snorkelling questions.

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Mask, Snorkel & Fins

How to Snorkel – 15 Tips for Beginners

Snorkelling is a fun way to explore the underwater world but if you’ve never snorkelled before, where do you start? …
Snorkelling with Kids

Snorkelling with Kids

Snorkelling can unlock a world of wonder for kids. But as we discovered, getting kids ‘snorkelling-ready’ doesn’t happen overnight. From …
Snorkel Gear on the Beach

What Snorkelling Equipment do I Need?

You don’t need a lot of expensive gear to go snorkelling, but with the right gear you will have a …
Sunny Days

What is the best time of day to go snorkelling?

How do you pick a good day for snorkelling? You need to consider several factors including tides, wind speed and …
Pulu Maraya Island

How to choose a Good Snorkelling Location for Beginners

When choosing a beginner-friendly snorkelling spot, there are a few things to consider while your snorkelling skill and confidence grow …

Do I need a Wetsuit or Stinger Suit for Snorkelling?

Wetsuits and stinger suits are important pieces of snorkelling equipment. Choosing which one you need will depend on several factors …
Jelly fish warning sign

Dangerous Sea Creatures in Australia

Australia’s coastal waters are home to a diverse array of marine life, and while most species are harmless, some can …
GoPro with Light

Beginners Guide to Underwater Cameras for Snorkelling

Taking pictures and video has never been easier and the fun doesn’t have to stop in the water. However, underwater …
Snorkel Mask

How do you Stop your Mask from Fogging Up?

When you’re snorkelling, nothing is more annoying than having to always de-fog your facemask. How do you stop this happening? …

Is Snorkelling Dangerous?

Snorkelling is generally a safe and a rewarding activity but what do you need to think about to avoid trouble? …
Learn to Swim

Do I need to Know How to Swim to Snorkel?

Do you have to miss out on the magic of the underwater world if you are not a strong swimmer? …