You are unlikely to bump into a whale on your average snorkel, but there are tours in Western Australia and Queensland that can put you alongside these colossal and majestic creatures.

Whether you swim with minke whales or humpback whales off the coast of Queensland or snorkel with humpback whales on Ningaloo Reef, seeing these giants of the deep up close leaves a lasting memory as you marvel at their size, intelligence and grace through the water.

Coffs Harbour Whales

Fun Facts about Whales

Next time whale season rolls around, make sure are the best informed whale watcher on the platform. There is a lot more to these giants of the ocean than their size and seasonal migrations. How many species are there? What do they eat, how do they communicate? Can you guess …
Humpback Whale & Calf

Where can you Swim with Whales?

They are the giants of the marine world, but can you get in the water and swim with whales? Yes, you can. This is a relatively new experience but there are opportunities to snorkel with migrating whales in Western Australia and Queensland. Humpback Whale When can you Swim with Whales? …

Find the Best Spots to Swim with Whales

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